COEXPORT’s Role in El Salvador

COEXPORT is a non-profit organization of 304 members who assist 1100 clients and
have 2022 registered companies. Their mission is to represent the exporter’s interests, helping
them reach success in international markets, while influencing the politics related to the sector.

COEXPORT represents 60% of El Salvador’s exports. COEXPORT works alongside many other
organizations, both governmental and non governmental, vouching for the exporter’s best
interest. Through a series of events and informationals fairs held both in person and virtually,
COEXPORT looks to help El Salvador’s exporting companies gain international recognition,
therefore boosting sales.

COEXPORT provides many events that aid companies in better understanding of
international markets and the rules and regulations that accompany this. Throughout Covid-19,
COEXPORT provided various informational sessions on how the pandemic could possibly affect
business exportations and the new health protocols that could be implemented to help stop the
spread of the disease.

One of COEXPORT’s resources is the platform STATISTA. This platform recollects,
organizes, and provides information about various topics for businesses. This includes market
studies, country reports, communicator aspects, and more

Sector’s in COEXPORT

COEXPORT’s members and registered companies export a variety of products, which are
divided into sectors. These sectors are:

  • Agriculture and animals
  • Agroindustry and food
  • Coffee
  • Textiles
  • Confections
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Maquila
  • Metal machinery
  • Wood and construction material
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Handicrafts and gifts
  • Services
  • etc

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