El Salvador’s Exportable Offer

El Salvador, also known as “El Pulgracito” of Central America, is the region’s smallest country. Nevertheless, the tiny country manufactures a wide range of products, many of which are exported to other countries. COEXPORT is a non-profit organization that guides local companies through the paperwork, laws, and regulations in order to export their products correctly while also helping these companies become familiar to the outside world and increase interest from international organizations. In 2019, around 5.94 Billion US Dollars worth of goods were exported from El Salvador.

Most of El Salvador’s exports consist of manufactures, while agricultural and fuel and mining products come next.
However, the gap between exported manufactured products and exported agricultural products is very large.
El Salvador’s main exported products include:
● Knitted clothing/products
● Sugar
● Plastic packaging
● Medicine
● Coffee
● Bakery and Confectionery products

El Salvador’s Main Exporting Partners

El Salvador’s main exporting partners are within the region. During 2019, the United States made up 40% of the country’s share of total exports, Guatemala and Honduras both came behind
with 15%, and Nicaragua with 6%. This demonstrates how El Salvador’s most important trading partner is the United States.

COEXPORT in El Salvador

COEXPORT is a non-profit organization that assists local companies in exporting their products and helps them gain international attention from buyers. Members receive a wide array of benefits, including conferences to help familiarize themselves with the processes, laws, regulations, and paperworks that exporting products requires, both within El Salvador and in other countries. Member companies cover a variety of sectors, from agricultural products to machinery, COEXPORT’s website holds the database where you can find the products you need from local manufacturers.

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