COEXPORT and USAID support companies to export faster.

In a joint effort between the El Salvador Exporters Corporation (COEXPORT) and the Regional Project of USAID of Trade Facilitation and Border ManagementIn addition, exporting companies are receiving technical assistance on various topics to increase the efficiency of their foreign trade operations.

Technical assistance focuses on the following components: i) internal customs risk management, ii) implementation of best practices for foreign trade and border crossings, and iii) support for certifications that will enable them to export and import faster.

For this support, the USAID has appointed a multidisciplinary team of international experts with extensive experience to accompany and advise companies in this process.

During the week of April 25-29, COEXPORT and the Project team of USAIDIn the company of the Customs Risk Management expert, Barbara Forastieri, visited some of the companies benefiting from this technical assistance to verify the results achieved and monitor the activities underway.

Bemisal, Imacasa, Lactolac, Disal, Inco, Harisa, Disal, Protecto, Molsa, Melher, Diana and Rio Grande are some of the companies receiving this support.

This support helps companies to have more efficient processes and thus export their products faster and with less risk. USAID and COEXPORT will continue working to strengthen companies and thus contribute to the economic development of the country, through an increase in exports, which will lead to the generation of more jobs for the population.

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